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International BPO is not a new concept but has been in the market for around a few decades. This industry has taken India by a storm in the past couple of years. Met Technologies is one of the premier client based BPO Companies in India, specialized in In-Bound Handling, Out-Bound Campaigns, Data Entry Outsourcing Processing & Transaction processing services. As a trend-setter among the outsourcing companies, we are committed to lead a unique Business Process Transformation for our clients by developing a cost-minimizing process.

Why Count on MET-Technologies?

We are committed to helping customers achieve a positive business outcome for now and near future.

•   First Customer service & Support

•   Cost Saving & Increase in Revenue

•   First turnaround of Project

•   Significant improvement in Business Productivity

•   A customer engagement team to serve customers 24×7

•   A focussed dedicated team on project management

We offer outstanding BPO services in India to render solutions that focus on improved customer satisfaction and revenue retention. We boast of having both inbound and outbound BPO services that work, adhering to all quality standards levied by our esteemed clients. Our robust infrastructure and high-end technology possess the ability to handle projects effectively. 

Through our expertise, skills, and technology, we identify opportunities, overcome obstacles and define realistic goals to achieve success. Backed by robust technology and key manpower, we create service management chains for effectively managing the customer experience.  Our customized, industry-specific solutions simplify the process optimization. Our approach to business process outsourcing service extends beyond standardizing and execution. We make it a point to add great value to your operations by leveraging robotic process automation wherever possible. 

Our Expertise:

We bring you complete outsourcing solutions through unique stage process:

•   Situation Analysis: Analysing your needs to identify the outsourceable components

•   Trial Program: We carry out a trial program even before the contract gets signed.

•   Project Management: We manage the business aspects and execution of projects

Met Technologies is aware of the processes and has been helping clients get their job done right in no time. We have been implementing the best strategy to get the desired results. We take time to understand the requirements of our clients and how the process is being followed.

We make sure our customers are comfortable with Outsourcing, by making the process seamless and hassle-free. We walk the extra mile to ensure that we are always there for our customers. Feel free to contact us for all sorts of IT, outsourcing, marketing and business requirements.  



MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

Future of Outsourcing in India

India presently occupies the top slot in the field of Business Process Outsourcing(BPO). However, it is doubtful how long will it be able to hold on to the spot as the smaller nations like the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and other East European nations are eating up the share. Bangladesh is the latest addition to the league. As resources are available a cheap rate in the above-mentioned countries they are making a tremendous effort to increase their share in the global BPO market. The aspirations of the small countries have led to their stupendous growth. To know about best BPO companies or top BPO companies in Australia, you can refer to the recognised journals and reports.

Time will say whether India will be able to sustain in this competition and maintain its position in the global market. The leading nations are India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil and Indonesia. China is leading the low-value services sector, whereas the Philippines leads the financial services division. It is also gaining projects in the fields of voice-based support, engineering and legal BPO. The gaming and animation services are taken care of mostly by Malaysia. Around 2% of financial services and voice related work have been transferred from India to the Philippines. Another 2%  has gone to the European nations.

India will continue to dominate the BPM space but there are reasons why the US and rest of the global firms will turn towards other destinations along with India.

For voice-based work, the Philippines is the preferred option due to a better voice/accent environment, though the services are costlier there. In a few cases, close proximity and time zones advantage near shore locations is chosen over India. Many firms believe that they are too depended on India, that might prove to be harmful to them in the case of natural disasters or massive currency swings.

Experts claim that it is true that a few nations like Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe and Poland have taken some share from India but the gains will level off as the resources are pricey than in India.

As per NASSCOM, around 1.1 million people work in Indian BPM industry. More than 500 companies in India are giving outsourcing services in 35 languages to more than 66 countries.

India’s position is eroding primarily because of two reasons: cost and niche expertise. The Philippines is known for its customer service delivery; Eastern Europe excels in IT and China in programming.

Points To Remember:

India is the leader in BPM industry with 36% global share.

Around 1.1 million people are a part of BPM industry in India.

Around 200 MNCs are operational outside India in this industry.

During the current fiscal 2016-17, Indian BPM industry has grown at a rate of 8.1%. (at $28 billion)

In 2015-16, global industry recorded a growth 3.1%. (at $186 billion)

It is projected that Indian BPM industry will grow at a rate of 8-10% and yield $54 billion by 2025.
















Challenges Faced by the BPO Industry

Indian BPO industry has been growing in leaps and bounds. In the past few years, this industry has grown by 14% and produced a revenue of 14.1 billion USD. Researchers say that the growth rate will triple in the years to come.  Out of the multiple options available in Kolkata, we are regarded to be the best BPO company in Kolkata. We went to the leading BPO companies in India and they made us aware of the issues plaguing India’s BPO industry.

Employee Attrition

This is one of the major issues in this sector. Youngsters are more keen towards managing things and do not want to work under someone else. They do not want to wait to reach a higher post and frequently change in order increase their pay packages.


Call centres have to equip themselves with latest software and tools to manage various tasks. An agent nowadays has to work on more than ten different tools at the same time. As the process has become complicated, agents find it difficult to tackle so much single-handedly.
Opposition Against Outsourcing

Indian BPO industry has been facing strong opposition from UK labour unions and US politicians who insist on not shifting the work to Indian companies. Donald Trump’s protectionist policies have tremendously affected the contemporary outsourcing trends.

Health Issues

This is also one of the major concerns that should be addressed. When people work in night shifts at a stretch they face serious health problems like Insomnia and hypertension. After being in the BPO industry for some time, people find it difficult to change their domain as the altered biological clock makes it difficult for them to venture in any other sector.

Multiple channels of Communication

Nowadays, there are multiple channels of communication. Apart from the conventional mediums like call and mail, social media is also used to send in messages. This creates a problem as call centre employees cannot decide on which channel to concentrate on.

Organisational Structure

The organisational structure of the call centres is mostly horizontal.  As the growth stagnates beyond a certain point, the leading performers get demoralised, that ultimately hinders the growth of the organisation.


MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

How to Generate Leads for your Clients?

You have sent mailers; you have printed flyers; you have developed an enviable list of followers, still you are not getting your expected pool of leads that could help you take to the next group of billion-dollar brand.

However, there are numerous ways to build a real store house of valuable leads. Here are top 5 significant ways:

  • eBooks

Developing an information laden eBook is a good way to generate leads especially for B2B organisations. Technology based global processes could extract immense benefit out of the creation of informative pieces presented in an easy manner. However, it is advised not to give a sales pitch in your writing.

  • Newsletter

Expert digital marketers suggest that all business websites should include newsletter functionality. Audience will receive newsletter after they willingly sign up for it. That is why, when you get a positive response from a newsletter subscriber, you win half of the battle. This pool of audience is interested in your service. Another significant matter with the development of newsletter is that you get email pathways. You may share your insights and achievements with your contacts.

  • Blog

If you want to have the undivided attention of your audience, you need to write valuable blogs. Make it sure that you create interesting and informative blogs to cater to your audience. Unless or until you create optimised blogs, you cannot expect to attract the undivided attention of your audience. That is why; site optimisation process is a very important objective to attain.

  • Twitter

Twitter is not only a powerful platform to portray your ideologies but also is a significant tool to generate valuable leads for your business. You could engage in valuable discussions with industry influencers like economic experts or economic journalists. Witty and informative discussions are bound to attract the attention of followers of the influencers. If they found your arguments to be informative or interesting then they would automatically start following you.

A trending subject could be searched or discussed about with the help of adding a hashtag before the term.

  • Networking events

There are few places where real life events are more helpful than the digital world and network-building is one of them. Parties and events are great places to spread your brand identity. You must always carry your business card with you and if you get an opportunity, please do not hesitate to ask for patronage of the industry bigshots.

Capturing the lead:

In the process of lead generation, after you have captured the pool of potential customers, you should evaluate the entire pool. Some are serious about knowing your business and some are not. After making separate lists of such audience, the nurture stage comes into existence.

Nurturing the lead:

Nurture bucket includes that group of audience which has not surrendered to your business objectives. This is a critical group and you need to step-in cautiously to bring it with the line of your business objectives. This is a slow but continuous process. One should avoid being overtly business-centric and pitch in sales process indirectly through giving valuable contents and sales offers to them.


Score is the process where potential leads are diverted into separate sales funnels. Based on the size, demographic and lead quality, overall leads are provided with scores.


Information that you have gathered through the above 3 stages should be carried forward to the sales team so that they could use it effectively.


To prepare a refined scoring algorithm one should make a careful evaluation of the leads and it should be a combined effort between the Business Process Management and the sales team. One should keep a flexible framework so that based on priorities of the business condition, one could alter the initiatives.


MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

Services Offered by Best BPO Companies in India

BPO industry in India is growing at exponential rate and services offered by best companies are holding expertise in various domains. Here is a brief discussion.

Business Process Outsourcing in India

Business process outsourcing domain in India has come a long way shedding its earlier image of ‘sweat-shop’ to take the position of a strategic differentiator within the global marketplace. Whole manner of doing business has been modified after the advent of business process outsourcing. Before going into further details let us give a look at brief introduction of BPO.

What is BPO?

Single line definition of BPO is contracting business tasks to third-party service providers. Now question arises what are the benefits of hiring third-party service providers when a big corporate firm has all comprehensive services offered by its in-house departments? Certainly the benefits are many.

First and foremost is optimization of process efficiency. Offering expert services is the foundation of success for BPOs. Next in line is the factor of reduced transaction costs. If you combine both the factors, worth of BPO services increase. Third most significant benefit of BPO services is that they provide large scale specialised infrastructure for handling huge volume of engagements in relation with transaction processing.

We can separate the BPO segment in 2 parts one in relation with back-office outsourcing and another with front-office outsourcing. Internal business operations linked with billing and purchasing are completed by back-office process outsourcing division whereas that in relation with customer and marketing services along with technical support are conducted by front-office division.

Specialized services offered by best BPO companies in India

• Engineering services

• Call-centre services

• Finance & accounting

• Data-entry operations

• Web-analytics services

• Photo-editing services

• Healthcare services

Software design & development

• Services regarding research & analysis

So what’s new in BPO?

As much old as the concept of business itself, the present stature of BPO is the result of laissez faire or free-trade that has transformed it as the key driver of enterprise competitiveness. The foundation of BPO is based on following points:

• Quality process delivery

• Integration of diverse global markets

• Scalability

• Seamless delivery of projects across the globe

Where does BPO stand in India?

More people are proficient in English conversation in India and that is why the country is preferred destination for global outsourcing markets. Even during economic recession period, Indian BPO industry successfully withstood its adverse impacts. There are selective services outsourced to India which are as follows:

• Technical support

• Services in relation with inbound call centres

• Document processing

• Finance & accounting

• Supply chain management

• Intellectual property rights

• Legal processes outsourcing

• Medical transcription

• Regulatory compliance documentation

• Sales & marketing

• Payroll processing

• R&D

• Publishing

• Management of infrastructure and facilities

• Security

• Human resource management

Horizontals and verticals of BPO

BPO Horizontals: Services included within this sector are function specific and could be flexibly spread through various industry domains. Services included within horizontal domain are data-processing, tax solutions and payroll processing.

BPO Verticals: Functions focusing upon specific industry domains fall under the category of BPO verticals. This includes retailing, healthcare, manufacturing, finance and accounting.

Third-party & Captive players

Indian CODCs or captive offshore delivery centres have been developed by reputed multi-national companies such as British Airways, GE Capital, American Express and Dell among others for the maintenance of ownership controls over complex or core processes and proprietary knowledge.

Third-party service providers may give the CODCs a run for its money as they offer services at lower costs and flexibility without compromising its quality.

Significance of BPO sector is outreaching every domain of industry and more it will heighten up its expertise, more will businesses prosper.


MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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