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How Coronavirus Pandemic impacted the BPO Industry in India

Coronavirus had impacted all businesses globally, and the effect was adverse. Most of the countries were in the state of nationwide lockdown, and few were in the state of recovering phase to start partially by taking lots of safety measures. Scientists say that it took more than a year for…

Will India take over the world’s BPO Market in a few years?

India is poised to be the most favored market for BPO companies. This is attributed to quite a few reasons that include the size of the population, cheap labor, and a vast talent pool of skilled, English-speaking professionals. As a result, the BPO industry in India is all set to see massive…

What Is KPO Industry and How It Helps Your Business to Grow

Various business blogs discuss the KPO along with the BPO process. You might have heard about the term in ads too. Others might think of it as a fresh concept and compare it with business process outsourcing. You might often face questions that indicate whether KPO is better than BPO…

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