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5 Ways To Enhance Your Brand’s Customer Support Services

Inevitably, customers are the most pivotal components of a business. A brand is, because of its customers. Consequently, it is crucial to ensure robust customer support services. Brands across the spectrum are ever on the look-out for better relationship prospects with their customers. However, not always do strategies succeed. There might…

3 Tips To Spot The Best BPO Service Provider in India

With the proliferation of business ventures and technological upgrades, modern businesses are exploiting the immense benefits of outsourcing. There are benefits galore of outsourcing. Moreover, it is only natural to avail of the services of an external agency to handle the specific processes of your company. However, the point is…

How The BPO Industry Putting An Impact On Indian Economy

In India, the BPO or more precisely, the software industry has boosted the Indian economy largely. This sector is creating jobs for millions of people worldwide. As per the latest data, the BPO sector provides direct employment to about 2 million people and has created indirect employment opportunities to 8…

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